Sunday, 21 March 2010


Your Workspace is you home, it’s where you create art, and where you experiment, and often where brilliant ideas come to life. You don’t need one of these as a particular space; however a space which you will most commonly be producing work is required. This can be anything from your bedroom on your bed as I am doing in the photograph on the left, out in the wild, like Plein Air painting or sketching, in a coffee shop, or anywhere. Most of those places however are good places of producing visual notes and sketches for the ‘final’ work. With the type of work we will be doing in this tutorial, it will require you spend many hours working, and so it is good to have a more permanent place.

I would recommend that you make this place your own, free from distraction like televisions and the like, somewhere where you can switch into the zone. Should distractions arise, try and find some way of turning them to your advantage, a different way to look at them, which in return leaves you with a stronger inner strength which means it will be easier to get into the zone. Make it comfortable and relaxing, sitting on a small plastic chair and holding your drawing on your knee bent over at a funny angle for many hours will be terribly uncomfortable. I would make it a ritual to clean up after working, as if you make a massive mess, it may prevent you from getting started straight away the next time, and the last thing you want is to spend half an hour cleaning even before you get to ‘work’.

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