Sunday, 21 March 2010

Next I thought I would add in some sort of surface crack so you can see also how it can be done. First I drew the line how I wanted, not very realistic however, as many rocks split differently so it would be up to you to research. In the mean time keep working in the mid-tone by layering up.

  • Work the line in and try envisioning from where the light is coming from so that you can imagine where it might hit the edge. Seen as in this drawing, the light is coming from the upper left therefore the light would be on the side of the crack facing the light which happens to be the bottom right side of the line in this drawing.
  • I know the references may not be perfect, however, can you notice that the centre of the large circle is smoother? What I did was lay down the graphite but lightly drawing shading in on direction then blending in one direction, this gives a smooth effect. I used a cotton bud to do this. I also wanted to have the middle lighter.
  • Below is a small diagram of the unfinished work. It’s to try and show you where the light source is coming from. This is the reason I used circles as it is easier to see where the lines from the light source, kiss the edge of the circles drawn. The lightest part of the highlights are the ones in the centre of the two meeting the edge, (here shown as a black dotted line) this is because it’s the small part which is directly facing the light source.
  • As you can see with those dots i drew earlier, i have begun to tirn them into three dimentional lumps. Obviously the larger the detail is, the more detail it will hold.

  • And lastly, just finishing off small details, rounding off edges a little and refining parts.

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