Sunday, 21 March 2010

Drawing a Pits and pours etc (Details)

Ok so this takes a little bit of understandings. Right is a quick simple visual explanation of what you do. As we know, skin isn’t like we see in magazines movies of ‘perfect’ soft skin. Even babies have blemishes and moles, funny hairs that don’t seem to fit into its surroundings. Airbrushed skin is what I would call an invention for flattery. Mainly to flatter women. Do you think Nicole Kidman would be happy if she had a big juicy spot one day and the photographer ‘left it in’? She would probably want to sue the guy (or lady).

Many artists work in the realm of drawing airbrushed looking skin. The realists who study in Ateliers and classical training art schools for example don't draw every knuck and cranny and pit and pore, however that’s a completely different kind of work all together in my opinion.

  • Step one- (image right has had to be darkened and altered to be able to be seen on this monitor). I’m just going to show you some shapes in a basic for so that you can get the idea. First lay down a very light outline of what you want to do. In this case I’m doing two circles. One will be a hole, and the other will be a circle with a kind of gap around.
  • I am using a continuous circulism technique for the back ground, just continuously drawing little interweaving connected circles without taking off my pencil.
  • Build up layers rather than going straight for your chosen value.
  • Next add the darkest darks and leave the lights black, therefore you are distinguishing the darkest and lightest part with a mid-tones for the base.
  • Work in slightly darker areas around the highlights, this will enhance their brightness on the page.
  • To add small pours, which could be used for skin, rock, rough wood, or whatever else you could find the techniques to work with. This is one way, next to a little dot of light you may have left by accident on the paper; draw a dark spot next to it, on the side of the mini light spot as where the direction of light is shining. For example, if you want it to be a bump coming out, draw the dark spot where a mini shadow would be cast. Or you can draw a spot onto a mid-tone and erase a highlight using you putty eraser.

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