Sunday, 21 March 2010

Full Equipment List (that you will actually use):

  1. This is my leather chamois which is a cloth, usually used by window cleaners and the like, but it can also be used for a tool in drawing. I usually use it for the background, as if I’m doing a plain background; I find it pretty tedious at times. It blends well and leaves a nice texture on the surface of the paper.
  2. This is my only 0.3mm mechanical pencil as I don’t use it very often. It’s for small details.
  3. My B Mechanical pencil, probably the most used of the lot.
  4. My 2B mechanical pencil, used for the darks. Goes dark enough for me most of the time.
  5. My H Pencil, good to use as a tool for layering down the graphite.
  6. 2H Pencil, one of the second most used pencils
  7. 4H Pencil
  8. Blending stump
  9. A 4B pencil, for the darkest parts, but not widely used.
  10. Cotton buds. These are just your ordinary ones which you will probably have in your bathroom and can find them in any chemist ECT. They are good for tight spaces when you’re blending and give a much softer feel and look in comparison to the blending stump.
  11. My Craft knife, used for sharpening pencils and also erasers, trimming paper, just a nice handy tool to have around.
  12. Kneaded eraser (Saying Hi!)
  13. Pencil Sharpener (pretty basic though)
  14. Just a new Putty rubber/ Kneaded eraser.

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