Sunday, 21 March 2010

As I have already stated, this game is all about patience. Also perseverance. And great work ethic. Just as muscles only increase when you push them beyond your normal limit, to get better at anything you have to push and learn. You have to envelop yourself in what you’re doing 100%, and be present to the moment. You have to feel the skin and bumps. The surface and the hair. Where the light hits and the darks begin. You simply cannot work and get better by simply going through the motions.

Here (in the two images right) I have just carried on doing more mini drawings within his cheek. Like for example. The pupil... it’s easy to draw a black circle and a grey part around the inside, but you have to try and feel its 3-dimentionality. It’s a lenses and the pupil isn’t a 2-dimentional circle. With a black line round the edge. You have to work the image out as well as look at your references.

The light is coming from below as you can see, and very close to his face. I used a strip light (the kind you see on ceilings) which has made the highlight in his eye rectangular, but have tried to form the highlight round the near spherical boll of his eye. (Visual explanation below).

The Iris should be dead in the centre of the pupil and the pupil on the eye ball.

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