Sunday, 21 March 2010

Gathering a Reference:

So, photographs. I usually use a Digital SLR however I have used a normal digital camera before to work. Along with television magazines and ordinary photographs. I will usually jot down the kind of image I would like, by using my sketchbook to very roughly scribble in a kind of composition and put a few notes next to it. I have usually then got a vague idea in my head to which I know what to do next. Then I will go to the person I wish to photograph and ask them to pose in the kinds of ways in which I pictured. I will take around 50- 100 photographs using all different kinds of lighting from all different angles, altering expressions or what they are wearing and how they may be posing.

Next, I take the photographs to a pc and choose the ones I feel work best. I usually take around 3 or so to work from as some photographs can be distorted or lack certain details that another may have caught. Then I will often, but not always, put the three into Photoshop and play about with the contrast and brightness. Sometimes sharpening them a little to bring out the details.

Lastly, I print them off. Usually on A3 Paper, some in colour and some in black and white.

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