Sunday, 21 March 2010

Tips: You could go out and spend hundreds of pounds on a special drawing table or a cheap drawing board, but I strongly recommend you make one yourself. Seriously, this isn’t hard to do. You get a large piece of wood (board), I used Strong thick plywood as its really strong and affordable and quite light. Then you just simply cut it out, this can be done with a manual saw or machined, or maybe you are lucky enough that the biggest size paper you feel you would use fits the measurements which have already been cut out to sell. I find that it’s straight enough. I did a little sanding, but I suppose to clean up the newly cut wood a little, just sand, round the edges a little and maybe varnish it, or whatever you want. But it cost me seriously 4 pounds. A good large drawing board made from plastic in an art shop can usually cost around £40-60 pounds and a drawing table starting from around £200.

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